‘Luxury is not simply a matter of monetary value; it is defined by those high-quality products or services that generate the most benefit to all involved in their production and trade’.
Positive Luxury, Brands to Trust.

Blanche in the Brambles is a business that takes great care in establishing and maintaining responsible business values and practices.

We are very proud to offer a high quality alternative to real fur. Using animal skins that are not a common bi-product of the food industry just isn’t a market for us.

We take great care in selecting the highest quality faux fur materials for our customers, with most of our fabrics and office supplies purchased in the British and European market.

We make the majority of our collections in-house with the remaining pieces out-sourced to a family-run factory in Somerset.

We make small little batches of luxury accessories and garments that are not over-produced. We have a zero waste policy. Scraps and excess fabric are turned into smaller products or donated to students. We deliberately keep our packaging to a bare minimum and use recycled packaging where possible.

For our efforts, we have been honoured with the Butterfly Trust Mark, awarded to high-quality brands that strive to make positive steps to integrate sustainability into their business models, socially, economically and environmentally.

Zero tolerance to animal cruelty.
Zero tolerance to sweatshops.
100% effort in caring for the planet.